At the Las Vegas Piano School you will also piano lessons for beginners and for the experienced piano students, flexible discount system and FREE introductory piano lessons!We provide high quality music education and  supportive and encouraging environment for children & adults who wants to develop their musical skills, open inner talents and abilities. Plus to a classical music, I teach pop, jazz and other musical styles. At the Las Vegas Piano school we also have other wonderful qualified piano teacher who are working to help me to support your goals!

Playing piano is a fun and theraputic activity for everyone! Plus to everything else, learning to play piano has very significant benefits. If you are an adult - you will find it relaxing and relieving the stress! If you are a kid-you will learn to play piano to amuse your friends and relatives! Taking piano lessons also scientifically proven to increase mental abilities and helps you study at school! Don't hesitate to start your piano lessons: beginner piano lessons, online piano lessons or advanced piano lessons! You will find what you need at the Las Vegas Piano School!

If you want to learn to how play piano and read music, your are at the right place! In our piano school you will learn to play piano, learn how to read music and experience the wonderful  opportunities for public performances!

We teach piano lessons for kids and adults. Whether you want start taking beginner piano lessons, piano lessons online, or you are an advanced piano student and you just want to continue your piano lessons - you will learn to play piano!

You will have only the best piano teacher whose primary goal is to teach you how to PLAY piano. Probably, you have had an experience of taking piano lessons in the past. Some of your experiences were good and some of them were not very positive. We promise that your long search for the best way of learning how to play the piano is over!

You have found the best place for the piano lessons for beginners, advanced piano lessons, any kinds of music classes and online piano lessons! You can just give us a call 702-809-7576 and start with the introductory FREE piano lessons right now!

Are You Ready to Get Serious About Learning Piano? Have you grown frustrated with trying to find a qualified piano teacher in Las Vegas, teaching yourself how to play piano, learning from books, software, or cheap introductory videos with little useful content?

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Welcome to the Las Vegas Piano School!

I am Dr. Maria (Masha) Pisarenko - the founder, director and piano instructor at Las Vegas Piano School, fist Piano School in Las Vegas where I teach piano lessons & group music theory/history classes incorporating American Music Education System as well as European/Russian Music School System in my teaching so that every student benefits from this successful combination. I use traditional USA Music Materials and books as well as piano & solfeggio/theory books used by traditional Russian Music Schools in Russia. My youngest student is 3 y.o. and my oldest student is 78y.o. My students' success is my main priority that is why I organize public students' recitals, enter my students in music festivals & competitions. I am also the board member of Las Vegas Music Teachers Association (LVMTA).

I was born in Siberia (Russia) and at age 12 traveled to Moscow to study at  the Central Music School of Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory for gifted children. After graduation in 1997, I entered the Russian Academy of Music "Gnessins" earning my Bachelor/Master of Music degrees in 2005.

 I have performed solo and chamber recitals and
concertos with orchestras in Russia, Europe and the USA and won several piano competitions, including the International Piano Competition held by the Frederick Chopin International Organization,Rome (Italy) 1996, the International Piano Competition in memory of Sviatoslav Richter Paris (France) 1997,  the 2010 Reno Chamber Orchestra Concerto competition ( Nevada, USA) and the University of Nevada Las Vegas Concerto Competition (Nevada,USA) 2012.


I am currently a Piano Faculty at College of Southern Nevada. Teaching my students, I follow all the traditions and apply all the knowledge I was exposed to during the long years of my studies.I believe that natural talents & abilities can be discovered & developed in any person at any age! I am bringing well-established European/Russian traditions of the Best Music Education and Piano Playing Instruction of Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory School & Russian Academy of Music "Gnessins" now in Las Vegas to the  Las Vegas community! 


See you in my class!


  Dr. Maria (Masha)

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