Las Vegas Piano School is designed for adults and children. Unlike the lessons many of us had as children, you will begin playing popular songs right away and then develop your skills using a simple step-by-step progression to
 serious classical music. Plus, you will learn how to play piano at the comfortable atmosphere of private piano studio.


In addition to piano lessons and various music education classes,we have many musical events,concerts, recitals, master classes & festivals involving children & adults in Las Vegas Valley and other US states!Learn how to play piano with us whether you want to take kids piano lessons beginners piano lessons or advanced lessons! We provide the enriched environment for advanced and beginning piano students so that everyone could develop his/her talents abilities!

Are you ready to
 really learn the piano? Perhaps
 you had lessons as a child. You may have taught yourself a few songs here and there. Or maybe you've never played a single note. The point is, you've never really learned to play. Are you ready?

Learn & master piano in the 
Las Vegas Piano
 School with the instruction that is designed for learning piano! It is designed to walk you through from start to finish. It is the only piano school where you’ll  finally learn this wonderful instrument – even if you’re sitting down to it for the very first time.

It is time to call
Las Vegas Piano School and schedule piano lessons!

Las Vegas Piano School

Piano Lessons

Music Classes
New Express HOLIDAY Piano Courses
for Children & Adults!


Since 2006, the Las Vegas Piano School & Dr. Maria (Masha) Pisarenko has been helping Las Vegas Valley students discover their passion through music. Whether you're looking to take music lessons for fun or want to build a music career, we are ready to help beginner, intermediate and advanced students of all ages rock out and achieve their goals.In the Las Vegas Piano School you have a safe, professional and talented music instructor teaching lessons you are interested in.

Throughout the years , the Las Vegas Piano School and our students have had numerous opportunities for public performances, recitals, music events participation, festivals, competitions and just FUN piano parties for Kids and Adults!



Las Vegas Piano School
4155 Flamingo Crest Drive,5 Las Vegas, NV 89121 US
Phone: 702-809-7576


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