Whether you want to take beginner piano lessons or you are an advanced piano student and you just want to continue your piano lessons - you will learn to PLAY piano! You will have the opportunity to study music theory, history, and music appreciation.

Many students of the Las Vegas Piano School perform successfully in various piano competitions (including Las Vegas Music Teachers Association-LVMTA- competitions), get the highest scores at music theory tests, and at school entrance & graduation exams. We prepare for getting accepted into the best Music Schools, Colleges & Universities! Bring your personal dreams within reach!

To re-kindle your dreams of playing piano is the very mission of the Las Vegas Piano School! We work to make difficult skills accessible through individual well-designed courses and –THE MOST IMPORTANT – are introduced & taught by world renowned performing Russian-American Pianist and one of the BEST Las Vegas Piano Teachers - Dr. Maria (Masha) Pisarenko - who has been in this business for decades performing and teaching in Europe and America.  

Whether you decide to learn how to play the piano for yourself, how to read sheet music, play piano online or just take an introductory free piano lesson - we bring personal dreams within reach! So, do not miss your opportunity to study with the best piano teachers in Las Vegas! Now, you will FINALLY learn how to play piano and how to read music in the Las Vegas Piano School! Start with taking a FREE piano lesson to see that you have made the right choice!

Call Las Vegas Piano School and schedule piano lessons with the BEST Las Vegas Piano Teacher! 702-809-7576

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With the Las Vegas Piano School you will get the TOP Quality European Music Education & Piano Instruction right here in Las Vegas! Piano Lessons and Music Classes are offered for kids and adults who VALUE the quality piano instruction and the highest level of your piano teacher’s music expertise. 

Finding a qualified Piano Teacher and QUALITY PIANO INSTRUCTION in such a diverse city, such as Las Vegas, can be challenging. Finally, you have found it!
 Las Vegas Piano School was founded in 2006 by World Renowned Performing Russian - American Pianist & Educator Dr. Maria (Masha) Pisarenko. We brought in such a diverse city as Las Vegas  the quality piano instruction and music education where the highest RESULTS  & students' satisfaction are the main priority!

Dr. Maria (Masha) Pisarenkothe founder, director, and piano teacher at the Las Vegas Piano School,  is a piano faculty at College of Southern Nevada and the board member of Las Vegas Music Teachers Association (LVMTA). Maria Pisarenko holds a Doctor of  Musical Arts (DMA) degree in Piano Performance and pedagogy. She is also a graduate of the Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory School and The Russian Academy of Music "Gnesins." Dr. Maria (Masha) Pisarenko is the Winner of the leading European International Piano Competitions & Classical Concert Performing Pianist. The Las Vegas Piano School offers the best Piano Lessons & Music Classes for Kids & Adults in Las Vegas Valley where you will learn to play piano, read music, and experience the wonderful opportunities for public performances! 

Most of us have that something we've always wanted to learn. To play piano or guitar, to paint, or to dance - these are personal dreams we hold dear, but they sometimes slip farther and farther out of reach as we live our lives. Formal schooling is usually out of the question for busy adults and children.

At the Las Vegas Piano School you have found what you have been looking for! You will learn how to play piano and how to read music at the comfortable atmosphere of the private piano studio! Plus, you will have the opportunities for free introductory piano lessons and flexible discount system with as well! Remember, the safety and satisfaction of our students is our top priority!


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