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· Perform on Stage

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· Study Music Theory

· European & American Systems of Piano Training

Instructor- Dr. Maria (Masha) Pisarenko

Professional Concert Pianist

Piano Faculty at the College of Southern Nevada

Winner of International Piano Competitions in Europe

Graduated from Tchaikovsky Conservatory Music School for Gifted Children, Gnessins Russian Academy of Music (B.A./M.A. in Piano) & University of Nevada, Las Vegas (D.M.A. in Piano)

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Welcome to the Las Vegas Piano School!

Dear Parents, Grandparents, Children & All Piano Music Lovers!

Finding a qualified Piano Teacher and QUALITY PIANO INSTRUCTION can be challenging. Finally, you have found the Las Vegas Piano School! Whether you want to take the beginner piano lessons or you are an advanced piano student & you want to improve your piano skills - you will learn to PLAY piano at the Las Vegas Piano School! You will also have the opportunity to study music theory, history, & music appreciation in addition to the mili-level piano training.

We work to make difficult skills accessible through individual & well-designed classes to fit your personal goals. The piano lessons are introduced & taught by the world renowned, professional, performing Russian-American Pianist & the BEST Las Vegas Piano Teacher - Dr. Maria (Masha) Pisarenko. Dr. Pisarenko has been in the piano business for decades performing & teaching children & adults in Europe, Asia, Africa, & the United States.  

Whether you decide to learn how to play the piano for yourself or your child, how to read sheet music, learn music theory, or take online piano lessons - we bring personal dreams within reach! So, do not miss your opportunity to study with the best piano teacher in Las Vegas! Now, you will FINALLY learn how to play the piano and read music at the Las Vegas Piano School! Start with taking a FREE piano lesson to see that you have made the right choice!

Call the Las Vegas Piano School 702-809-7576 & schedule piano lessons with the BEST Las Vegas Piano Teacher - Dr. Maria Pisarenko! Enroll Today & Use Our Discount System! learn to play piano

Dreams Come True

Most of us have that something we've always wanted to learn. To play piano or guitar, to paint, or to dance - these are personal dreams we hold dear, but they sometimes slip farther and farther out of reach as we live our lives. Formal schooling is usually out of the question for busy adults and children. 

At the Las Vegas Piano School you have found what you have been looking for! You will learn how to play your favorite songs on the piano and how to read music at the comfortable atmosphere of the private piano studio! Plus, you will have the opportunities for public performances, festivals, piano events and competitions. 

We offer free introductory piano lessons and flexible discount system! Remember, the safety and satisfaction of our students is our top priority! To re-kindle your dreams of playing the piano is the very mission of the Las Vegas Piano School!  

You can just give us a call 702-809-7576 and start with the  FREE introductory piano lessons right now!

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