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Accepting Students for 2019 - 2020 

· All Ages & Levels

· Prepare for Piano Competitions & Festivals

· Perform on Stage

· Prepare for Specialty Music Schools

· Study Music Theory

· European & American Systems of Piano Training

Instructor- Dr. Maria (Masha) Pisarenko

Professional Concert Pianist

Piano Faculty at the College of Southern Nevada

Winner of International Piano Competitions in Europe

Graduated from Tchaikovsky Conservatory Music School for Gifted Children, Gnessins Russian Academy of Music (B.A./M.A. in Piano) & University of Nevada, Las Vegas (D.M.A. in Piano)

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At  the Las Vegas Piano School your lessons are laid out in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step progression with everything you need in one place. No need to get frustrated! We match a particular method with a particular student so that everyone can benefit and progress staring with the lesson one!

Comprehensive (Beginner to Advanced)— it will take you far beyond the basics of the typical piano instruction.  We get you started quickly, but your lessons will take you as far along the path to mastery as you want to go.  You won't find a more comprehensive course for learning how to play  piano anywhere! 

Classes for Everyone

Beginner Piano/Theory Class

This beginner level Piano class is perfect for first-time musicians. Students will learn the basics of piano playing and musical theory. 

Classes are suitable for children and adults.

Intermediate Piano/Theory Class

The intermediate Piano class builds off of the skills acquired in the beginner class. Students will continue working to improve their piano skills & reading sheet music.

Classes are suitable for children & adults

Advanced Piano/Theory Class

The advanced Piano class is for students who have been playing consistently for over 5 years. Instructor provides guidance where needed, but students are able to direct the class where they need it.

Have you experienced a difficulty of finding a piano teacher who will understand your needs and who will try to help you not only learn how to read sheet music, how to play the piano, but also be confident playing in public? 

Finding a qualified Piano Teacher & QUALITY PIANO INSTRUCTION can be challenging. Finally, you have found it!  The Las Vegas Piano School was founded in 2006 by World Renowned Performing Russian - American Pianist and Educator Dr. Maria (Masha) Pisarenko. 

The Las Vegas Piano School offers the complete QUALITY Piano Training & Piano Lessons for busy people who value their time and money. We offer Piano for Beginners, Intermediate, & Advanced Piano Students. The Las Vegas Piano School is the ONLY place in Las Vegas where you will learn how to PLAY the piano quickly and, more importantly, with a PROFESSIONAL Performing Classical Pianist and Piano Instructor!

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